Sunday, May 13, 2012

I actually finished the prototype.  By finished I mean that I get the point across without spending too mu time on the details yet.  Next up, write the business proposal, that should be interesting.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Project

The most difficult part of starting a new project is nurturing the motivation and excitement of the radical idea and transforming it into development time.  I am noticing that I am spending too much time dreaming about the idea inserted of building it.

In order to best use my time I am going to set deliverables.  Even if I have to give up sleep, I need to keep on track.   This Blog will now be my Project Manager keeping me in check as to my deliverable dates.

First Goal: Finish the Prototype by EOD 5/13.  This shouldn't be too hard, I'm already 50% finished.
Second Goal: One Sheet description of the project by EOD 5/15.
Third Goal: Socialise the idea with at least one person EOD 5/18.  This might slip, I have a pretty busy work week.

Well that's the start, we'll see how it goes and if this blog will keep me honest with myself.