Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cow in a Phone

Just as a development appetizer I am launching a starter application before I deploy something that is "For Real, Yo." Cow in a Phone is simple application that mimics the child's toy, "Cow in a Can." This app just moo's when you tip it. That it. It's not much, but deploying it forced me to get used to the iTunes manager and actually deploy an application. Unlike deploying .net applications, this was pretty easy, no dlls to update in the GAC or files that mysteriously don't get published. Just upload the app binary and you're done.

Next up a real app.

I am creating a .net service that will consume data from my iPhone app and produce that data on my internet application.

To start I need a design...Maybe mext time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Latitude...From Big Brother to Googleplex Brother

Google Latitude looks awesome, but then you think about Goggleplex Brother.  Googleplex Brother knows what you search, blog, email, and now where you are.  Your personal information is now part of the greatest index for advertisements ever built.  Ads won't be shoved in front of your face anymore, they will be targeted to reach you at the persise moment you need them too.  What is this information worth to you, or better yet can you turn it off.   Who will police Google, there is no Direct Googleing Agency to police Google and there will probibly never will be.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

iPhone for .net developer

Hi...I love my iPhone and I am a Microsoft .net developer...There I said it. Enough of that and on to the bring the web to mobile devices. Over the next few weeks I'll illustrate how to learn Objective C and build iPhone apps. I'll be using Microsoft design reference in order to make all of you .net developers feel at ease. Consider this a warning and a promise, i don't discriminate, I will critique both Apple and Microsoft. Neither one is perfect, so let's get started.