Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ovulation Calculator

While trying to conceive, one of the first things my wife started to do was calculate her ovulation date. Now by the time I wrote this app, it was too late to be useful for us, but it still offers a simple calculator that can be used to figure out one's estimated ovulation date.

Now, I would suspect that this would be used to help get pregnant, but alas my friend Jamie informed me it could be useful in the opposite direction too ;)

You can find the calculator here on the iTunes store.


  1. Couldn't find a place to give feedback on the Basal App... You need to be able to delete a temp. I got an error message and accidentally plotted three temps!! Now it says I'm three days ahead of where I am for my next temp!

  2. Ah good suggestion above - I've just posted a review in the App Store too. I'd like to see Celsius as a data entry option.